LCC consists of many first-level researchers in and out of Law School of Wuhan University, and national-famous scholars, such as Ni Zhengmao, Tian Tao, Ma Zuowu, are invited to join in...

       The Legal Culture Center of Wuhan University (LCC), sanctioned by the university, was founded in June, 2008. The basis of LCC is the legal history discipline of law school of Wuhan University, and many famous scholars of culture are invited to join in. It’s a study center for schooling doctorate candidate
(Chinese Constitutional Legal Culture and Chinese Constitutional History) and master degree candidates (Chinese Legal Culture Tradition, Chinese Legal History and Foreign Legal History

Li Long Chen Xiaofeng Ni Zhengmao Tian Tao Ma Zuowu
Liu Zhengquan Xiang Yan Liu Zhubin Fu Chunyang
This semester the professional course of master of law will officially begin at the second week .





 administrative    building

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